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Xbox cheaters captured on video

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edited July 2018
How do I upload?

One guy went in the wall as yoda on Death Star 2 in hvv and then they all 4 were chewbaccas. One of the guys I recognized his name from this behavior before. Can dice/ea ban them?


  • Clone201
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    It's a glitch that can be executed, not a cheat, even though it's cheating technically, and it needs to be fixed at the moment.

    Find the URL in the form of paper clip on your message or put a YT link down.
    Man! Could this game get any more broken?
  • F03hammer
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    Report them on xboxlive.
    You can find their profiles in recent players listing.
    You can also submit a report here.
    On ea help there is an option to submit your video in your topic.
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  • Of course both of these things wouldn't even be an issue if some people simply took the time to fix issues as they are discovered, as opposed to allowing the exploits to continue ad nauseum ...
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