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Help: Arcade Tier 3 Hope Cannot Save Them

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Is there any way to beat this tier? All the tips I've seen are from a previous patch. I've tried the hiding spots and camping but the AI refuses to come to me. I've run out tried to bait them for them to pass me by like they saw nothing. I've tried chasing them for them to just retreat or out right disappear from the map. What do I do? Is there a trick? Honestly, I have no idea on how to beat this mode as no strategy works.

Edit: fixing my spelling. Auto correct is killing me.
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  • Empire_TW
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    This is from a few patches ago but the only significant difference is that the specialists are weaker but them being a tad bit tougher shouldn't change much. This should still work.
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  • Thanks! I'll give this I try!
  • downey82
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    (Disc version)

    I did this yesterday as it was my last one and is now impossible.

    delete game, disconnect from internet, reinstall. (takes about hour) you can play the original version now which was very easy using this method with death trooper

    when back at menu close game, connect to the internet download massive patch, wait for install, launch game and play an easy battle scenario to unlock Han skin :)
  • Is that just for the disk version? I bought mine digitally from the Xbox store. I still haven't tried the method mentioned previously and will still give it a try. If all else fails, I'll try your trick. Thanks!!
  • yeah that will only work for the disc version ^
  • Jello770
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    @Han_Spinel has a video showcasing this I believe
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  • downey82 wrote: »
    yeah that will only work for the disc version ^
    Well, thanks anyways. I'll keep trying since it's the last one I have left.
    Jello770 wrote: »
    @Han_Spinel has a video showcasing this I believe
    Oh, I saw the thread recently in a google search, but haven't seen the video fully yet, just skimmed it for the moment. I've been taking a break from that tier, but I've figured out a spot where they come towards me (which I saw he goes to too), but it gets overwhelming when I only have less than 10 left.

    To anyone struggling with also, this is the thread mentioned:

  • When you deleted the game and reinstalled it, did you keep your progress? I fear losing everything I have earned to date!
  • Still can be done this way.
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  • It may seem impossible, but with persistence, you can get it done. Equip Alternative Methods, Droid Batteries, and Friend in Battle. Don’t stay in the tunnel. Run directly to the room between the hangers, equipping the shield as you approach to avoid the first couple of shots. Use melee to take out the first one or two enemies in the room. From here on use the minimap to locate enemies, and stay on the move. Use a combination of primary fire, alternative fire, and melee to take them out. Don’t venture too far out of the room, and use the droid to stun enemies and heal yourself as often as you can to stay alive. It will likely take dozens of attempts to complete this tier. Be patient, and good luck!
  • remember the shield and remember the stun and remember the af and you'll do fine
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  • camerog
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    I followed this guys strategy about a month ago. It took 40 tries but it did work!!

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