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Map making contest

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Each month will have 6 challenges, placed in groups of 2.
Week 1
HvV/Hero Showdown maps
Hero Star-fighters map
Week 2
Galactic assault maps(select one phase for boast
Star-fighter Assault maps
Week 3
Strike maps
Extraction maps

Then, the process for determining a winner begins.
1: Players vote in a new category on the forums.
2: After a week, the top 5 will be sent to the devs for review.
3: devs will choose one or none of the top five. They will make any necessary changes to the ones they select. If a category is vacant due to lack of viable candidates, none will be selected.
4: The devs will have 1 week to polish the map.
5: The map will be deployed.

When sending in maps, players must include...
-A description of the scenario, what each side wants, etc.
-If vehicles and/or star-fighters are included.
-What challenge their map is for.
-What era the map is for.
-If the author wants any speeders included.
-If transports are included.
-Suggested voice lines.

Maps must include
-All desired terrain(may be altered by devs)
-Spawn points.
-Any desired turrets.
-Any scenario-critical components.
-The more the better.

Comment and like if you want this to happen!
Threads Want
I want...
El-16HFE rof buff
Engineer class
Dual pistols
Commando class, ARC, commando droid, Inferno Squad, Insurgent, Shock Trooper(FO), assassin(Resistance).
Heavy/Light vehicle classes
Dwarf spider droid
Homing Spider Droid
Snail Tank
Saber tank
RO Jedha tank
Actual bombs coming out of the bomber.
RO season
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