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Off topic, but my question is about battlefront 2.

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I just got back on battlefront 2 after a 36 day break; Mainly because I didn't have plus and the only non multiplayer game I owned was fallout 4. On my ps4 I had goat simulator, fallout shelter and over cooked.
So in the time I had to play games I stuck to those.
I think I put in battlefront 2 to play arcade with someone to see something. Other than that I havent touched any of my other 3 multiplayer games.
So yeah
I played my first game a few hours ago and just finished my last. I still have more time to play bit I'm honestly going to play on GTA or Black ops zombies with some friends
So I thought about the games I've been playing in the last year. It's been like a 90% Battlefront 1 and 2 and 10% cod or Gta games.
Battlefront 2 launch I was playing 99% battlefront 2 and 1% zombies to talk to some amigos.
After they announced the Solo season. The only thing I did was play extraction. But I had to wait for that?
So since my break it's been 50 50 battlefront 2 and zombies
My first game was sick.
Best map to start. Naboo on galactic assault.
I finished my third game of hero showdown where I just got destroyed after a 2 game streak. A new enemy team joined and lost 3 0. It was cool.

so my question

Are you still playing battlefront 2 as much as you did when it came out? If so what other games are you playing?
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