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Senate Commandos and Commando Captains on Coruscant!

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Hey Guys/ and girls...!
Just wanted to see if my Ideas can be helpful on making the game have the nostalgic feel of the legendary ps2 version, but at the same time match the merit of the new up to date modern game! Hope it helps!-


Dear Game Admins,
Is there any way you could make another/different Coruscant map ~Night Time maybe haha~ (with the action mostly starting at the entrance of a tall Platformed building- where you can see the city and civilian ships flying by below/city nightlife lights, etc- with the entrance being attacked by destructible enemy ships flying in and out Unloading troops with some enemies on destructible Turrets), and there’s stairs leading up to the collumns guarding the narrow entrances to this building, (sort of like the big building design in your princess Leah storyline mission lol or the design of the SW Clone Wars Cartoon), giving the defenders some advantage because they’ve got the harder task- but this time leading to a big open lobby or library that could be falling apart giving spots to take cover (like rescuing that bug faced woman in your storyline haha or like the original map from the old school game if willing)... but the game mode could be called “protect the senators” -for a certain time limit before any large ship (sorry I’m not sure what ship would fit best for this scenario- but hopefully you chose one of the big beautiful silver ones if you actually make this (: !) that’s sitting on the hidden back platform being repaired by Ai senate Commandos, (or even the player can somehow help speed up the process! Like turning on backup up shields at hanger doors that has to be destroyed) to escape the pursuit of either Assasin Droids or Bounty Hunters! Just to make things simpler for respawn points and time seperation the enemy has to reach a few checkpoints for load outs and progression- finding better safe spots of pursuit before actually making it to the senators!


It might be a handful thought up in a few minutes, but I hope it’s worthy enough to be in your game, and I’m definitely saying no rush if you do decide to go with this! Because I love quality over quantity and you guys have done a great job on the sceneries of your campaign, and the fun online game modes! And I’d love for this to be One of your masterpieces of the game if you do make it + I know it takes a lot of time/ moolah to produce even a simple game mode or map and pay the workers itself, so don’t look at me the same way as some of the unthoughtful players you might have, because I know this generation is impatient. But anyways thanks, if you take a look at my inquiry please give me your opinion on it :) and hope you have fun designing it if you do! If I wasn’t welding or boxing, I’d say helping design maps/ characters/ and game modes in a Star Wars game would be my next option if I could, and since I love Star Wars and the creativity of the galaxy and everything in it as a whole- pay wouldn’t even be a thought in my mind (But due to living expenses my career is my own demand) lol.


P.s. I spoke to some workers in the chat window of your website named “Arnold, and Summit” and one of them said they made a report for me, but insisted I placed my thoughts in the forums!

Joshua S. Ruhlman
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  • Sentinel_of_Paradise
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    Hey! Apart from the Senate Commandos (mini plume), and the Senate Commando Captains (tall white plume), was there any way you guys could make the Senate “Honor Guards” (the Robed ones with the dual fluffed plume on their helmet tops) as an unlockable class for the map? Since I think some of them carry the pikes, maybe you could give those the same mini-front faced plasma shield like your heavy classes already have in the game as one of their three abilities, so they won’t die so easily? Haha

    Senate Commando:
    • Assualt
    • Maybe an Aerial class?
    Senate Commando Captain:
    • Officer
    • Specialist
    Senate Honor Guard:
    • Heavy
    • Enforcer (with the pikes!)

    If I’m getting too ahead of myself sorry haha just spitting out all my ideas on this
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  • @Sentinel_of_Paradise Great Idea ! :smile: :wink: .
  • Cool idea, but there are so many maps from BF1 and the Campaign that haven't been adapted yet, it may be a hard sell to get them to commit resources to a brand new expansive map like this. Though Vardos could be converted to a Coruscant map with some new textures and skins.
  • If they did a Coruscant map they could also implement 'Commander Fox' and the 'shock troopers', which would be cool because although they're not the most liked clones due to them killing our beloved ARC Trooper 'Fives', we don't really know much about them other than they guarded the upper levels of Coruscant + prisons with that in mind there could be 3 Coruscant maps where one is a prison map (Ahsoka or Obi-Wan skins could be released with this), another could be the streets of Coruscant and the third being the Temple on Coruscant obviously. Or they could put the streets + temple together.

    Platform: Xbox 1

  • I want to see them in the game 
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