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Europe servers: Problems since thursday night

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edited August 2018
No problems on findings games almost in every mode here in Europe.

Until Thursday night.

Since yesterday It's hard to find a game, and GERMANY PING SERVER seems DOWN.

A few players I encountered in a lobby report the same issue: problems since yesterday.

Ok, when you think things can't go worse...


  • your platform?
  • e1que2jz9dvy.gif
    I'm sorry

    It's like the plague
    You won't get games unless they prioritize the server problems
  • Only 4 more days until the Hotfix Patch then you can start the countdown until the ping site server issue gets fixed!
  • Same here today, Friday lunchtime. Tried UK, Germany and Ireland first. Found a game of GA on the US Virginia server straight away.

    UK player Xbox One.
  • Liz4rD
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    Playing from Spain. Origin- PC version.

    Players from France, Germany, UK, Italy and other EU reported me having issues to find games when just 24 hours before there were zero probs with that.
  • Managed to find a few games by hopping between Germany and Ireland - so they are still working. Harder than it should be though.
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