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Proposed new Class - Jedi/Dark Side Enforcer Class

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edited August 2018
This would not only let more players become proficient at lightsaber characters without having to get Heroes (or play exclusively HvV) every time, it would also give more gameplay variety. Not to mention just plain fun.

Proposed stats: 300 HP, stamina total about equal to 2/3 of Luke's. Lightsaber hits do 100 damage. Default time to start HP regeneration should be equal to Wookiee Warriors.

Jedi Watchman:
Ability 1: Force Leap - 1 use by default (can upgrade to 2 with Star Card), Enforcer rushes forward like Luke or Maul's ability. Does 25 damage. 8 sec cooldown per charge.

Ability 2: Force Push - 15m knockback/stagger, AoE diameter at 10m with a 70 degree frontal cone, does 60 damage. Will not work against blocking saber Heroes. 25 sec cooldown.

Ability 3: Healing Trance - Instantly triggers HP regeneration, does not stop while taking damage. Lasts for 12 seconds. 20 sec cooldown.

Sith Assassin:
Ability 1: Force Drain - max 3 enemies (up to 1 more with Star Card), chains damage up to 5m of original target, does 20 damage to each target hit. Recovers HP equal to total damage done. 20 sec cooldown.

Ability 2: Force Choke - Choke single targeted enemy within 10m for 2 sec, doing 30 damage per sec. Enemy movement speed is slowed by 90% during this ability and can't attack or use abilities. Enforcer can move at 70% speed and block during this ability but not attack with their lightsaber. Will not work against blocking saber Heroes. 25 sec cooldown.

Ability 3: Force Rage - Reduces incoming damage by 25% and gives 30 temporary HP. Lasts for 12 seconds. 20 sec cooldown.

Obviously the HP value, damage values, ranges, cooldowns, and other parameters are just estimations/placeholders for a starting point. I have no idea if these would be balanced, though I tried to take normal troopers' ability to counterplay into consideration and also how much these abilities would affect balance and gameplay if they were too spammable or stronger than Hero abilities. Heroes will still have a big advantage since the Enforcers would need to have their Force abilities be overall weaker than their Hero counterparts. I don't know the exact parameters of the heroes' abilities, so I might be way off in my estimations.


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