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August Community Calendar

We don't need a double XP weekend...

We need a double credits weekend :-)


  • Devlin21
    8325 posts Member
    Ben said no because it would break the credit economy.

  • I don't really need either but I guess an xp weekend would give me time to upgrade 7/8 of the villains all to 40.
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  • An XP weekend is the time when you upgrade at a faster pace. I need to work on the speeder since people shoot it constantly.
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  • Double Credits would be more interesting to unlock appearances and heroes.
    Double XP would be interesting after the new heroes are available.
  • Awarding bonus credits would reduce revenue that purchasable items are supposed to generate. This won’t happen.
  • DrX2345
    2888 posts Member
    We really don't need double credits. The credit rate is already very good - probably a little too good (although it does appear to be pretty bad at around 250 a match, that's a bug I believe. If you note down the credits in the top left after every game you'll notice it goes up pretty quick). I'm pretty sure my average credits per game is around 7-800, so in 100 games I get enough or nearly enough for a Legendary skin, which may seem like a lot but it's really not.
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