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Star Wars Battlefront II - Release Notes - August Patch



  • I'm honestly tired of people giving this game ****.

    In other words, don't hate. Just report problems and suggest new features.

    Cannot like enough!
  • Anyone know the average size of these updates? 1GB....6GB....350MB????
  • ryanjk
    558 posts Member
    Still no big offline mode? Gtfoh dice.
  • Anyone know the average size of these updates? 1GB....6GB....350MB????

    Good question and time of expected drop...
  • Tomorrow we finally get new clone wars content for the first time in this entire games 9 month lifetime......
    “Your overconfidence is your weakness.” - Luke Skywalker
  • I have played this game for months and it appears to me and my team that these new updates are making the gameplay worse everytime. No one wants to keep repeating maps over and over. Twice is too many. I have never ever seen a game updated as much as BF2. It gets frustrating and takes away from the fun. I tried to play the repeating maps and felt burned out. So, in saying that, my team and I will seek another game to play. It's been somewhat fun but a lot of aggravation too.
  • Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Electronic Arts the Foolish? They became so valuable, the only thing they were afraid of was losing their value. Which... eventually, of course, they did.

    The DICE development process is a pathway to many deficiencies, some consider to be incomprehensible.

    Is it possible to learn this process?

    Not from a Computer Scientist.
  • Hey Battlefront 2 team! Is there any chance the community will ever see smaller game modes such as blast or jet-pack cargo?? As a player who is unable to play online I would love to see more options come to custom arcade. Just a thought you could consider! Keep the awesome content coming and I will continue to be a fan!!
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