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Darth Vader Force Choke bug - FIX IT

Hi, Im sure this bug has happened at least once to everyone by now. Darth Vader somehow bugs in the force choke animation, then he can only walk slowly and cant do nothing else. I am unsure of what causes this choke bug and would love it if anyone could explain how it takes place...

Last night I spawned into a GA match as the first hero, Darth Vader. Then as soon as I use force choke I get this rediculous bug and can no longer move. Worst part is I was in the middle of a fire fight. So I went from full health vader to a dead vader in a matter of seconds. Im sure all the rebels got a kick out of a worthless bugged vader too.

Please DICE fix this bug in the next patch so we can enjoy playing Darth Vader again and force choke people without worry.
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