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Anybody else having this issue

So I really like the conversations that heros have when they are near each other but for a while now I haven’t heard anything, I hear conversations between the good and the bad sometimes but nothing from the same side for example I hear Han and bossk talk to each other sometimes but I haven’t heard han talk to any of his teamates. So if this is a bug or there is something wrong on my side I’d really appreciate it if anybody could help out.


  • It’s random mostly. It could be just less team work involved with you and more hands on against villains.

    And depending on that skin you have on makes conversation rare if you are using solo movie skins.

    If you don’t get anymore maybe a full game restart will fix the problem.
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  • bfloo
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    Some of them talk more than others. Palps has been a lil chatter box since they put him back in.

    There has been issues with hero convo's going way back. Can't find the thread though :'(
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