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BF2015 - PS4 - anyone still playing

with all the troubles that BF2 is having at the moment and teh fact i still think BF2015 is better i attempted to play BF2015 the other day, but could find no players...i only play Walker assault & am in australia.

Does anyone know if there's still a viable population on here, especially WA with the time difference UTC + 9


  • Yes. There are still many players on PS4 on SWBF1. You may have to try playing at a time when it is in afternoon or evening in Central Europe (CET). I know it will be still early hours in Australia but try playing different timings and see if you can find full lobbies. Personally, I can find full lobbies easily on WA and Outer Rim DLC (and very good players too). The game is still very much alive and kicking on PS4...
  • Thanks guys, ill try. 1000 players per day though, clearly Australia is in the **** end of nowhere so there's probably like 5 in that amount, hence my issue. may try again at the weekend. still a better game. why on earth they didn't just continue on from all the lessons they seemed to learn on 2015 onto BF2. would have taken very little to make BF2 great on those fundamentals.. such a shame
  • I moved also back to BF2015 from sequel. Shame indeed that they f####d that one. Sure it has some good things (new heroes, clone wars) but basics arent allright. Personally dont like that heroes are so "weak", hvv sucks, blasters laser voice and look, lack of weapons and maps. Or atleast I feel like these things arent how they should be.
  • Same here, lots of players but on only certain times on DLC for PS4.
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