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August Community Calendar

Havn't played for awhile

Fired up the ps4 for some double xp, tried to collect a daily crate,wouldn't let me.I got the loading circle then an error message.
Ok no worries jumped into a game as a heavy, Kamino clone side. I popped super charged sentry to clear out a choke point but found myself getting hit by a pesky clanker so I exited sentry mode early only to find myself unable to run or even walk.Stuck in this hobble mode speed all I could do was hide. I waited until my sentry recharged popped it and that got me back to normal...
So ok waiting for another map to load I tried to spend points on my heavys starcards.The audio and animation worked but it wouldn't actually let me upgrade them...
Ok so I played one more round and quit after the game ended and got the infinite black screen.
Shook my head and went to bed.


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