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Where Are All The BF1 Weapons?

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edited August 2018
Right now the game is completely boring because there isn't any weapon options because we're still stuck using the same 4 weapons per class from launch, which is completely unacceptable. At this point the game should have had 2-3 times the amount of basic weapons for all Classes and alternate weapon choices for L1+L2. How hard can it be for DICE to port over all the weapons from BF1?


  • I'm still missing the T-21/T-21B from BF2015. Hope they will add a few more weapons in the future. Would be happy with at least one new blaster per class.
  • Actualy I'm happy with less weapon option. I think it will be better, when in some game modes the soldiers would have just their own weapons... because... its more realistic. Every time when I play for the bad guys and see blue or green laser, I run to kill the enemy and find out its a friendly guy who use some kind of another weapon.... I feel like its destroy the feeling of star wars....
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