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Bring Back Walker Assault

I'm tired of playing GA because the matches are always the same and I hate most of the maps. Make WA just like it was in BF1 where player have to control beacons for Y-Wings to take down AT-AT shields and not the dumb way in BF2 with Ion Cannons where the range is too short and the AT-AT only stays open for 2 seconds giving players no time to shoot at it because they are out of position. Please, port over the WA maps and give it its own mode.

The problem with GA maps is that they are all; choke points, kill boxes, and less freedom of movement. When it comes to freedom of movement you are confined and forced to do the objective. You can't set yourself up to take down the enemy the way you want, but how the game wants. If I want to place myself on a specific point on the map to snipe I can't do it because DICE purposely blocked all angles to the objective. It wasn't that way with BF1 where players could do pretty much whatever they wanted the way they wanted.


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