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How To Fix Palpatine For GA

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edited August 2018
Raise his BP to 8,000 and 10,000. The problem with Palpatine is that for how powerful he is the BP to get him out is way too cheap. Palpatine should be a character players really have to work for to get out. Also with him at a higher BP amount he will fit the SW lore better in that Palpatine only comes out on special occasions instead of all the time. Players won't complain that Palpatine is OP when he comes out because the player that got to him earned the right to use him.


  • Then do the same for yoda and Finn

    Palpatine isnt op.

  • vonVile
    238 posts Member
    edited August 2018
    Yes, he is. When he can zap you in one shot and jump in the air 50 meters making it impossible to target him because he's always bounce like a yo-yo.

    Yoda and Finn are nowhere close to Palpatine when it comes to being OP. Yoda's being able to block all fire is a passive ability unlike broken Chain Lightning, which has to far of a range. I don't know what problem Finn has that makes him cheap.
  • After they added him back he doesn't feel as powerful as he was before. . .
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