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Weekend Double XP Bug issues found, please add your's.

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Well apart from those issues with Ping, the following issues/bugs were present. (Hero Starfighter mode).
  • Would not allow allocation of skill points whilst in Hero Starfighter mode game on the Saturday, I decided to keep grinding and allocate them later. It only gave me 1 skill point for Bobba, Tallie and Poe, it removed the others i had accumulated for them, Gave an error message "Your purchase cannot be completed"????.
    Hours wasted. 6 skill points lost. Begin the grind again.
  • Gave every player 75 credits on some maps over and over.
  • Requested to select a star fighter class to reinforce whilst we were all hero ships, this happened to all players in the game, we had to close down and then go through the pain of trying to find matches.
  • Occasionally it kept re-setting progress bar for ships, so unless i actually managed to fill it in 1 round then it would not progress.

Play this weekend was painful to say the least, the time i spent playing i should have leveled up quite a lot, the actual result due to bugs and glitches wasn't worth the grind.

I do not think any one else had a smooth ride so please add your issues.
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