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Galactic Assault Is Complete Garbage!!!

Its just not fun to play because the outcome is always the same. Either my team gets squashed defending or the advancing team is unable to make it past the first phase. The major problem is the very poor map designs being all kill boxes and choke points. Once people master the map its impossible to defend or advance on the maps because you are very limited on what you can and can't do. Walker Assault was fun because every time you played a map the outcome was always different. In BF2 its always the same because the maps are limited. After playing 2-3 rounds of GA I just want to turn the game off because by that point I don't care about winning because I know its not going to happen. BF2 just isn't fun to play.


  • Walker Assault sucked. The same oblivious players who played and lost that are same ones on my team every single GA game it seems.
    I have zero problem with the maps. I love them all save parts of Crait (like really why I am always getting spawn trapped as the rebels? On every other map you spawn so far away, why not this one?) It is people playing it. There is zero balance. When I lose I am always the top player on my team who can go toe to toe with their best players, just not all at once! I see I spawned with many single digit level players who clearly do not know the maps and follow everyone like a lost puppy to the same exact spot without dividing and conquering. For instance, just finished playing death star as empire. Had I not put up some resistance we would have lost a few minutes sooner. Everyone spawned in and guarded only beam. Meanwhile the other team had no resistance and went to the other. A teammate had the bright idea to head over there while it is locked down and the whole team followed. They got annihilated, leaving the beam they were defending undefended. It also sucks that they use zero star cards, as support or offense. Meanwhile as the other beam is now rushed there are no defenders. We spawn as they lock it down and there is no getting in because the other team of course uses their star cards like grendaes, ion turret, scan dart etc. Rinse and repeat for 3 stages.
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