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Arcade quality of life improvements


I would like to post some suggestions for Arcade quality of life improvements (not talking about new huge content drops or new maps/modes, etc but some little improvements and additions that would make current Arcade mode a bit better)

So, here are some things I would like to see:

- option to change skin/appearance mid match/prior to a match. (This was added to MP with the latest patch, but unfortunately not added to Arcade. Right now it's very difficult and time consuming to change your appearance in arcade, as you have to leave the arcade menu and go to the main menu every time)

- randomized skins for AI troopers & officers. (With the new customization update we have acces to many more human heads and alien species. unfortunately AI in arcade only is using default heads and no alien species. It would be great to see the AI using randmoized skins so it's using aliens and different humans too)

- add option to create custom playlists (I would like to be able to play several matches in a row without having to go to the arcade menu first)

- increase map boundaries on Yavin 4, Mos Eisley, Takodana and Theed maps. (those maps feel a bit small and cramped compared to the others. Would like to see slightly larger maps here)

- Improved AI & turrets in starfighter battles. (right now AI in starfighter battles feels not as challenging as it could be. Also not all capital ship turrets are firing or are destroyable. should be fixed so you can detsro all turrets and all turrets are constantly firing at hostiles.)

I would really like to see those thing to be added/improved in arcade. Would make the mode almost perfect.


  • I would like to see Onslaught AI work properly. Right now they all run away from you which makes some of the more difficult battle scenarios (near) impossible to win. They used to all run to you and try to melee which made it easier to get the kills in such a tight time frame. With them all running to the far reaches of the map it makes it impossible to get the necessary kills in time especially if you are doing the one with Iden/Death Trooper on the hardest difficulty.

    Since we are on the topic, new game modes would be nice for Arcade - survival and team deathmatch get old quick.
  • Great lists I struggle with internet this would help dramatically. :)
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