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A little help... with the Repulse Cannon.

I want this weapon to be effective. I mean I really want this weapon to be useful. Just got my Specialist class to 70(finally, all four now), and I’m asking for anyone who has effectively used this weapon to please elaborate on their success. If any of you have videos while using the Repulse Cannon effectively, please post it. Thanks.


  • Get closer than you think, shoot once swap weapons and their dead. Best used when teammates are near and against high health enemies. Also I think it’s good against shield stealth but I’m not sure.

    Not very effective I think it needs a buff to at least make it more situational.
  • I'm a vet with the specialist but sadly the Repulse is there for humor at the moment. What is trending: melee.
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  • univurshul wrote: »
    I'm a vet with the specialist but sadly the Repulse is there for humor at the moment. What is trending: melee.

    Yeah I got the melee down. Infiltration/Shield/Melee combos and variations and all that. Hmmm. What I don’t ‘got’ is the actual intent or design theory behind the repulse cannon.
  • I haven't used it much, it seems to lack some decent damage in my opinion, if i remember correctly you get 2 or 3 shots before it goes on recharge and you simply can't kill people with it alone, unless they were already on low health. Knocking them over and then switching to another weapon to finish them off seems to work best.

    On the Death Star Map i got some kills with it by jumping down to the platform where the first capture point is and then knocked people off the platform when they tried to activate the objective, not really reliable though as the angle and range to the edge needs to be right for it to work.
  • I didn’t think it did damage at all. Thanks. And it’s two shots.
  • it's hilarious to push people off ledges with it but that situation doesn't happen all that much. kashyyk while playing blast comes to mind. off topic, but someone actually killed me with a flash pistol yesterday. it was infuriating but also funny
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  • I didn’t think it did damage at all. Thanks. And it’s two shots.

    Ahh okay, i haven't used it an while and wasn't sure and can't play for weeks now because of the ping site issue. I really wish it would be more useful, all abilities in the game should be to be honest, but many are just totally useless in most situations that only a handful of cards ever gets used for each class and Hero.
  • Secret anti-hero weapon.

  • Phyrebrat wrote: »
    Secret anti-hero weapon.


    Hmmm. Ah. I see, said the blind man. Thank you.
  • Don't use it there are better starcards. That is if you wanna be effective with the Specialist
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  • Having a lot of fun with it lately, best use is to sneak around and get behind a trooper. Hit 'em twice with the repulsor and finish them off with your standard weapon. Scored a few kills with it but the enemy has to have lost some health beforehand.

    Long story short: it's the go to weapon for fooling around
  • I saw a funny video clip of a guys using it to repulse Vader into the fire chamber on Death Star II.
  • Too situational. If you do run he a-280 cfe with burst mode, then you can do quite a bit of damage rock a hero when you knock them down.
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