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Devs, please get rid of the target system in HvV

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edited August 2018
Putting a "ceiling" on Boba isn't the answer. I'd say Luke and Maul runners are as big of a problem. Their high mobility can still outrun everyone around the map, reach areas that others can't or just move behind cover to cover.


  • I agree the "runners" are a problem. What would make things interesting (IMO) is if there was a kill timer. If neither target has been defeated within, say 3 minutes, new targets should be selected. This might make people play less hide-and-seek like and force them to be a little more aggressive.

    The hiding and out of reach spots that no-one can get to are ridiculous though. I have spent many matches chasing Luke or Boba around and it get's very annoying not to mention the players who have to use these exploits because otherwise they would get dominated in a second and are useless to the community otherwise.

    The idea of a timer would at least keep the momentum moving when you have these stallers
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