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November Community Calendar

[Enforcer] Seems like a copy and paste

For the so called "bad guys" (Not really sure what to call them but you get the idea.) We have a super battle droid, a death trooper and a flame trooper as enforcers. For the "good guys" we have Wookies. All Wookies. I am personally not a fan of the bowcaster so I do not typically use Wookies. But why can't we have more enforcers. Like republic commandos. You could make a whole new type of character for the resistance. The only faction I really see reasonable to keep the Wookie for would be rebels.
Idk. Sounds like a rant after I re-read it but I don't like using wookies in this game and I think Republic Commandos deserve a shot, especially because of their popularity. Does anyone else agree?
Add Jyn Erso as a HERO!
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