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Vaders choke...among countless other things

So chewy and other blaster hero's can shoot Vader through his choke ability, real sweet. All abilities do nothing if interrupted. Most abilities do nothing if an opponent is too close. This is a beautiful hot mess you've all created. I guess when testing and a full development staff are deprived of a project, this is what happens. I'm sure lack of management skills is to blame as well. Priority one in game development is functionality...hello, Mcfly.


  • Again this game is beautiful, I can't express that enough. But this is a game, not a movie or TV show. I know you had real actors and everything, but jumping jahosafat
  • just fix the choke he takes way to much damage he feels useless
  • Karandinho wrote: »
    just fix the choke he takes way to much damage he feels useless

    A damage resist card while use force choke could help, get rid of one of the useless cards.

  • Ahh yes. That's the current bug. CC isn't very CC-y. Affects Kylo's Freeze too.

    Choke will be fine once they repair it someday in the far future. Using it on a whim should be punishable; As is the case with any power really.
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    The fact is that if you're running it's because you suck, and the game shouldn't pander to players who suck.


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