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A Question About Disney's Epic Mickey 2

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So from now to the 31st, Disney's Epic Mickey 2 is the games with gold game, and I would get it but I have 3 questions. I heard that two of the 46 challenges are mutually exclusive (fixing or breaking the trains), but it actually lists them separately (in case I didn't describe it right, that means in order to complete all challenges, you have to do both), and unlike the first game, there is no new game+, so I want to know if
  1. anyone found a way to do both (currently it seems impossible),

  2. does it actually say 45/46 (counting perfectionist, which requires fixing the trains) with one that's impossible or does it factor in the fact that you can't do both and says 45/45, with an indication that one can't be done, and
  3. can someone list everything you need to 100% complete the game that you can't go backtrack for.

Thanks in advance.

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