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How many of you play BF15 OVER BF 2?



  • OcDoc
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    Haven’t played it since the new one came out but I think I will get on this weekend. Anakin is kinda ruining my experience in GA.

    Will come back to 2017 when the new game mode drops. Maybe some HvV as well.
  • bfloo
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    I am still playing 2015 due to only thing I like about 2017 is the graphics & the heroes. Other then those 2 reasons I really don't play 2017 prefer 2015 since like I said before it feels more like a war game/battlefield.

    I like the 2015 graphics more. It is a lot harder to spot enemies sometimes on the 2017 game.
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  • CeymalRen
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    Dantooine wrote: »
    Yeah, I've been playing a few games recently. BF2 is a mess, the gameplay isn't as good, neither is the map design. A large part of the community seems to get duped by DICE's "soon" comments, as if somehow Grevious is going to fix everything. It won't, it will be the same game just with a couple more characters to play.

    At least with BF15 we can enjoy it for what it is. It's not been too difficult to find dlc games, Bespin is usually full, Death Star not so much.

    Plus I'm only really a fan of the OT so it gets that right over BF2.

  • I've been playing BF15 lately. Some great Cargo lobbies recently
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  • Ppong_Man12
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    edited March 2019
    I’m ready for a bf3 ASAP and have been for a while now. Most/all top players I know hate bf2, I mean literally think it’s trash bin worthy. The funny thing is it had nothing to do with the so called loot box issue at launch. Bf2 is 2nd, even 3rd rate vs 15 imo and it is literally made for noobs/casuals, weekend warriors, and film fans, and no much else imo.
  • CeymalRen
    1782 posts Member
    Anyone else noticed how trees get destroyed on Endor in WA and Supremacy? :O
  • CeymalRen wrote: »
    Anyone else noticed how trees get destroyed on Endor in WA and Supremacy? :O

    I noticed that two. In the last objectives that areas are mostly treed from the thermal implodes and AT-STs

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