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Current rules in Heroes vs Villains is poor!

Recently I posted how Darth Maul should be nerfed a bit by giving him a stamina meter to make him more balanced in HvV. After thinking about it for a bit and some responses from the community, I would have to agree how Darth Maul currently is not the problem as he's balanced in GA & Hero Showdown. The most glaring issue right now is the way the rules are set up in Heroes vs Villains and it's a rule that has become notorious for bringing down this hero game mode leading to severe unbalancing, especially in the Dark Side's favor.

It's just not fun when you're constantly being targeted from all the heroes attacking you with little to no support. As a result, it's so hard to contribute for your team. Even harder when you die and spawn far away from your teammates only to arrive too late to save your teammate who became the target. There are also such cowards in a match who will not contribute to the fight at all and just run away until their teammates kill the target. The most glaring cowards are all lightsaber heroes, except Vader as he lacks speed, Bossk, and Palpatine. At least try and be brave to fight for your team while not being too reckless to the point where you might take lots of damage and lose a point.

The targeting system for HvV really needs to go. Period! This rule alone just ruins matches and with all the stun locking going on, it just frustrates players. I even see so many clips of the Dark Side absolutely dominating against the Light Side not getting a single point. With that, the challenge becomes diminished and gets boring so fast. It really should be set up as a free-for-all like Blast. We now have Hero Showdown, which is far more strategy based and less chaotic so why can't the rules of HvV change to gain more satisfaction playing as a hero in that mode?
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