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Crystal-Only Skins/Poses/Emotes?

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I personally love BFII and want it to succeed and one of the ways I think it could do this would be to release some legendary skins, poses, or emotes that can only be bought with crystals, not credits. This content is purely cosmetic and doesn't affect gameplay and would be a great way for hardcore fans to inject some extra money into the game for use in developing future content that all players could enjoy. Right now I feel like everyone's simply saving up credits to use instead of crystals. This is fine but I feel like it is a missed revenue opportunity for the game.

One idea for such content could be emotes based on Prequel/Sequel memes.

Also, players can still earn some crystals for in-game achievements so this content would still be available to purely free players.

p.s. If anything, the existence of crystals should be made more apparent in the game. Most players aren't even aware that they exist right now because their existence is so hidden. The option to buy them should be on the main menu.
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  • Don't you worry about that. Knowing the publisher, there will probably be more use for Crystals up until their license either expires, or is revoked; Whichever comes first.
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  • Last thing we need now is content (THAT IS LOCKED) we cant even get regular skins anymore imagine if they made us pay for them ha outrage
  • kirtanloorii
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    I want them to succeed as much as you do, but not to the point where where they sell crystal only stuff. I have 300,000 credits I need to dump somewhere, and will probably have a million by the time the clone wars season comes out. It would be the ultimate insult to finally release some good, new content, but then tell me my Republic Credits are worthless.
  • DrX2345
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    I don't think OP is suggesting that all skins should be crystal only, just a select few. I'm not opposed to the idea - I think it could work - but equally it could create some complaints. Also, given the amount of skins in game currently, I think they'd need to make a lot more high-quality skins that can be purchased either way first.
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