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Ranking the Trooper Grenades.

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Just wondering what others think about the current usefulness of Base Trooper grenades, since this game involves alot of grenade spamming. For me:

Base setup ranking, including improved versions (best to worst):
1. Flashbang
2. Impact, Thermal Detonator
3. Shock

With star card alternatives included:
1. Flashbang, Detonate Charge
2. Impact, Thermal Detonator, Trip Mine
3. Smart Ion, Acid Launcher,
4. Shock

My thoughts:

Flashbang is still the best even after the 'nerf' as it's useful in almost any situation and is the only grenade that gives you further opportunities to pile on more damage. Not much more can be said.

Shock grenade sucks but can be instantly viable if they make it explode on impact and prevent jumping/rolling.

Thermal Detonator is generally good but not as useful against experienced opponents as they'll either get out of the way or not be at the typical places where the grenade is spammed.

Impact is similarly ok but doesn't do enough damage to kill a trooper. Time taken to throw one during a fight may sometimes be better spent shooting or dodging.

The Trip Mine is great for trolling, for slowing opponents advance and for setting up ambushes but not useful in every situation.

Smart Ion and Acid Launcher seem quite niche and not practical in some situations. I admit I haven't been using these much however.

I could write pages on why I think the DC is a top tier grenade but to keep it simple, the more you're familiar with a map, the better this grenade becomes. Can 1-shot every trooper within its central radius. Clears out ***** ducking behind corners. The fastest exploding non-impact grenade available (user safety not withstanding). Perfect for suicide bombing runs. Would be the undisputed top tier grenade if they add in a number on the icon showing the no. of enemies within it's radius (like Lando's).


  • You need to play with the Smart Ion Grenade to get a feel for it.
    I main it all the time now. It will kill if you throw it right on a person also.
    But it has so much utility at controlling turrets, damaging/wrecking vehicles, can help slow an advance as it does not detonate for a long time unless someone gets too close to it (think a short term mine). I get plenty of kills with them.
    Another nice thing they do is pop a Specialist or Heavy shield ...

    Acid Launcher is more a deterrent than an actual, useful grenade.
  • When return smoke granade??

  • The shock grenade is awful, I've had it switched out for the stinger pistol for a long time now. The trip mine is... okay, but I can't justify it over the specialist cards I take. I suppose it has some synergy with infiltration, if you can push forward, take a couple of guys out and then mine the area for the next wave

    I've haven't used the detonite much. I imagine it has some use, but if you have line of sight to know when to trigger it you could just chuck an impact grenade or shoot. It makes a good deterrent though

    Smart ion grenade is good, but I rate the improved impact grenade above it in most situations. The extra blast radius often catches people out, and it's strong enough to almost one shot a turret anyway. Then again, it's immensely satisfying clearing a cluster of turrets and a couple of unlucky troopers with a well placed ion grenade

    I used to take the acid launcher all the time, and still rate it. It more than justifies itself when you place it correctly and push back a defensive line or deter attackers. Like the smart ion grenade it can be game changing at times, but the thermal detonator benefits from always being relevant.

    The flashbang is number one for me too. Throwing one, using recharge command and immediately throwing another is deadly
  • There's another benefit of the detonate charge - Im 90% sure that it ignores Officer and Leia bubble shields (at least from my experience). You could literally sprint, chuck one in and then detonate it at point blank range, clearing out anyone inside and leaving you safe, as long as you don't enter the bubble yourself. Saved a couple of objectives with this tactic.

    Since most enemies hiding inside the bubble will be waiting to gank you only when you run in, blowing them up with a DC from the outside is super fun.

  • Good tip, i barely use it but might try this out tonight
  • DrX2345
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    Detonite Charge is great lol. You can use it to guard a doorway which you have LoS on (or even if you've got an Assualt scanning that area/Insight is active), clear people out from around corners, or as someone mentioned even just suiciding. Very fun to use, and very effective even if it doesn't have as much throwing range as other grenades.
    Flash Grenade is obviously the best - airburst so you can control when it explodes, decent amount of damage in a wide area, blinds and slows people hit, and you can RC it to throw two in quick succession. Slo very effective against heroes.
    Smart Ion Grenade is useful for GA - works like an improved impact grenade but doesn't even have to hit them, just go in close proximity. Also deals a lot of damage to vehicles, instantly pops turrets and personal/combat shields as well as doing a lot of damage/instantly destroying squad shields (although you have to land it near it, they bounce off the shield rather than detonating for some reason).
    Thermal Detonator is just good all round - can kill any infantry, good explosion radius, good recharge, just generally reliable.
    I don't really use Acid Launcher, it's quite situational and is only really good in chokepoints/enclosed spaces, but it can be used as an effective tool to weaken a crowd of enemies in the right situations.
    Impact Grenade is ok, but not great. Better for weakening enemies or finishing off weakened enemies hidden behind cover than anything, and in a 1 on 1 where ey know you're there it's generally not worth using over your primary weapon as it requires a direct hit to really do any decent damage. Has its uses though.
    Shock Grenade is probably the weakest of all the infantry grenades, as it doesn't do much damage, and the flash grenade has a more effective stunning effect than it. It, and the FG, both need a change really. It's only good for tagging enemies around corners/checking if anyone's there and getting assists, it's very rare that you actually get a kill with it unless someone on very low health happens to walk past it.
    I'll bring up Barrage as well, as I guess it's sort of a grenade/explosive weapon. Barrage is actually very useful for clearing out/flushing out groups of enemies, as each grenade does a fair amount of damage (I think up to around 100 or so) and has an OK blast radius. Quite fun to use, and I prefer it to the combat shield or ion turret (my heavy loadout is Detonite, Barrage and Resourceful so I can just spam explosives).
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