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Let us Hope this patch will be different

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I've been away for a while, especially because of the current broken state of this game and how devs and EA Staff have been the exact opposite of effectively helpful on fixing what must be fixed.

Now we get some very bold patch notes that promise 2 things: To mess with game properties that either became problematic and erroneous in past patches (like Maul's Saber Throw), or in similar cases led to the complete breaking of a character or skill (like Chewie's Slam against the AT-ST, which may go the same path as Palpatine's Chain Lightning against' the AT-AT).

Together with these 2 promises we see some "features" leaving the game as they are labeled BUGs, but most undeniable BUGs are again not even mentioned.

Two stand out though, and if they truly fixed them I'll be very glad about it, but as with any patch notes, it must be taken with a grain of salt, as more then once patch notes stated something had been fixed, but it hadn't (can't even start on how many times Vader's Choke was "fixed" on patch notes, but most BUGs related to it are still happening for more then 10 months).

One is Palpatine's Lingering Paralysis BUG:

The other is how heroes can shoot while being forcefully moved or paralyzed, which actually was a BUG that allowed characters to either shoot or block with their lightsabers when they suffered force movement or paralysis.

DICE, if you truly fixed these, well done! I can't wait to get rid of these BUGs. This is where your focus on BUG fixing must be.

However, OTOH, many now called "BUGs" are being removed from the game, which before could be perfectly called as features. Rey's Unlimited Insight BUG, despite IMO being something that shouldn't exist, was good to balance how overly nerfed and bugged Rey is right now (HvV PoV). Don't take me wrong, she IS a Strong Character, but she has no tactical maneuvers at all anymore with the aerial attack made useless, her dash strike not going over blocks and also cancelling when fully hitting a blocking character, and her Damaging Strike Star Card completely broken since they tried to fix it.

She remains effective against who doesn't know how she plays, but she became almost useless against a team who understands her playstyle. In GA I see how this BUG was much more effective, and was indeed a game breaking one. But couldn't DICE fix what they've broken 2 patches ago too? If her Damaging Strike Star Card was still working, then maybe she would still have some tactic left on her for HvV, and would keep being a favorite in GA for those long dash strike killstreaks.

Another one is the multiple Dashes in a Row, which required a very precise timing. I've just learned how to do it, and 2 things come to my mind about it:
- Doing more then 3 or 4 dashes in a row isn't easy, but I believe many players can master. Doing more then 4, up to as many as you like, require extreme precision and only a handful of players would manage it (and it's also tiresome, last time I played my fingers were hurting when I left my gaming session).
- This feature didn't make me win against a good team in HvV, nor made me survive a load of enemies in GA. It simply gave me more precision in my movements, and a much faster way to traverse the map (despite only a few characters actually move faster with this, most don't, and this is only true for non-rolling dodges, as those are only useful to avoid damage, not to move faster).

To me this feature should remain in the game for the 2 reasons above: it doesn't give the player an unfair advantage, and requires a lot of skill to master. One wrong move and you remain stationary and vulnerable to attack, so you must be careful when using it. Why treat it like a BUG and remove it? I don't understand.

It's nice to fix some holes in the maps, but that's trivial, I can't understand how these are not fixed in a much faster pace. Q&A Team, devs, EA Staff, all can just do a simple search on youtube or google for "wall glitches battlefront 2", and many videos will pop up showing the places and how to enter them. This is enough material for one programmer to sit for an hour or a bit more and correct the collision on such maps. I've searched these holes from behind, in the out of bounds area, the ones which were fixed on some maps, and a few times I found strange objects sitting behind the wall which had bad collision. This strengthens my point that a programmer has just to snuck up an object behind the broken wall, that can't be seen by players in the normal gameplay area, which acts as a collision blocker for anyone trying to go through a hole in the wall. Can't be more trivial then that.

But the main point comes: What about Invincible Yoda BUG? Eternal Staff Attack Phasma BUG? Hero Corpse Attacking BUG? Disabled Block BUG? Temporary Disabled Block BUG? Half Block BUG? Dash Strike's Orientation BUG? Damaging Strike Stacking Property BUG? Unreliability of Chain Lightning? Unreliability of Push? Unreliability of Repulse? Unreliability of Unleash? Unreliability of Choke Hold? Character Ragdoll Lock BUG? Bloodletting Frenzy Star Card not giving any Bonus? Fueling the Rage Star Card resetting time when it goes over the maximum? Phase Marker Stuck on Screen BUG? Objective Marker Stuck on Screen BUG? Longer Paralysis BUG? Hero Selection BUG? Not Able to buy Class with enough points BUG?

I could add many more items to this list, and I'm not considering any BUG/Glitch which may favor the user, as these I believe should be fixed later (unless the advantage is too strong, like palpatine's normal attack angle in the patch which killswitched him).

Please DICE, get it right this time
Tired of BUGs?

Well, they'll still exist.
But visit the Rogue Bros Channel, there we document many BUGs and possible workarounds for them. There's also gameplay and other videos related to EA's Star Wars Battlefront (I & II)


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  • Devlin21
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    I like the long list of bugs they fixed .
    Hopefully September has more.and a lot.of hero balancing in preparation for grievous.

  • the key will be actually fixing the bugs listed and then not adding any new ones. since this patch is heavier on fixed than content, hopefully it means less chance for new bugs. then another dedicated fix patch in Sept and maybe the game will be in better shape by the time Grievous arrives.
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