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November Community Calendar

Easy Skin Request: Plain White P2 Clones

So I just came to this realization at the menu screen.
We have plain white default Phase 1 clones on Kamino, but we are assigned our default legion on the other CW maps. Can we get a common(5000) basic unmarked skin for our phase 2’s?
Plus it’s something the anti-rainbow trooper brigade can’t hate!



  • Shinies should be purchasable.


  • They are or at least were in the game files, they were on Theed during the reveal event.
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  • JMaster
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    "Looks like we got ourselves a batch of Shinies, Commander..."
    Yes. I think that it'd be cool if everyone new started with plain white Clone armor, but then as you level up (or whip out your credit card...) you can opt for specific skins on certain maps. You know, the way skins for certain locations always should have worked. You could have white clones, the current group, or the 41st as options on Kashyyk, for example. Oh well, just me, you?
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    He knew.
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