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Limits on Clone Skins

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edited August 2018
Really hyped about the clone skins but by the sounds of it, there's going to be 9 different regiments running around each map by the time the ones we know about are released. Which could work for some maps (Second battle of Geonosis, where they're actually in regiments).

However, I feel as though it may throw off the feeling of the battle if you have a 41st running around on Kamino when we know it was a bunch of rookies + 501st and the Kamino security who were most likely protecting Kamino or having 212th running around Kashyyyk when they were at the battle Utapau.

I don't mind having a few regiments running around though as long as the regiment is specialized to operate in the maps terrain or the regiment has been noted to have been present during the battle.

Also because in the first battle of Geonosis they had phase 1 armour, so to be able to stay to lore as much as possible, clone appearances should have ranking appearances instead (Shiny, Lieutenant - blue, Captain - red, Commander - yellow), where only clones with ranks had colours (this could also be applied to Kamino seeings that they're phase 1 too).

Tell me if you agree/disagree or if you know how, this could be improved

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  • All clones should appear with the skin/legion you have selected as a player. Other players should either see default skins or the skin they have selected. Same for Arcade. AI should use the skin you have equiped.
  • Devlin21
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    If i buy a skin i should be able to use which ever one I want wherever I want.

  • No.

    If i buy a skin i should be able to use which ever one I want wherever I want.

    Ehm if ALL clones on the map use the same skin YOU have equipped (meaning they will show up for YOU with that skin but not other players) you can use the skin you want whenever you want and other players don't have to care about mixed legions.

  • They could have been at least a bit more creative, I like the skins but it would be a lot better if they were applied to certain maps, like the elite corps only in kashyyyk, and the skins should be some change in the armor, like the airborne gear or the movie elite corps gear.

    There is a lot of different things that they could do that would be better than changing the camouflage.
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