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Focused Feedback

Arcade: AI skins

One small thing that still could be improved in arcade is skins for the AI. Right now AI is unfortunately always using default skins. Which ruins the immersion a bit. It's sad there are no alien characters or that all Rebel/Resistance troops use the same face model. Also with the new release of Clone skins only the player charcter will use new Legion skins, while al AI clones use default legion skins.

I would really like to see the AI (for all Rebel/Resistance troops and Imperial/FO officers) use randomized skins, so there is more variety on the battlefield. Also all Clones should use the exact same legion skin the player has equipped. This would be a small but nice addition to arcade and make it more immersive.


  • I would prefer an option to chose which Clone Legion is in the match.
  • That would be great too. Anything is better than having the player be the only character with a specific legion skin while AI is using default skins.
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