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Severe Server lag/rubber banding!

Anyone else?

My internet, Ping site all same. Lately I barely cant play games because its so bad!

Sometimes so bad cant do anything except look around and watch me get killed without any defence...
My priority list:

1. Fix Split screen mode bugs
2. Fix bugs
3. Bigger play area for Duel mode
4. More love for Starfighter modes
5. First Person only mode


  • I've been having it since day 1. Check the first thread link in my sig. Check to see if you're being sent to the same IP with the instructions in it.

    "So long as you continue to be so predictable I need not face you at all. You are your own worst enemy".- Tassadar

    Did someone beat you in the game fairly and you're upset? Was it not bugged or due to lag or a hack and it made you cry? Then please fill out this form and follow it's instructions for sending to the appropriate people.
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