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Split Screen ever getting fixed?

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edited August 2018
  • P2 cant change controls
  • General big Input lag
  • Kashyyyk night map completely glitched
  • UI bugs (no name in scoreboard for example)
  • Blaster shots are invisible (until very far away)
Necessary suggestions
  • Let P2 use Emotes...
  • Let P2 change appearance (or atleast copy from P1)

Thanks. Im reporting and asking since launch! My first topic ever this was.
Priority list:

1. Fix Split Screen bugs and the rest
2. Improve Saber combat
3. Reduce the overly bright Saber/lights glow reflections (especially Yodas saber)
4. 91st Scout trooper for Assault
5. Max out Arcade maps Combat area
5. First Person only mode!
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