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RUSH- A Limited Time Game Mode Concept

This Is Hard To Explain So Bare With Me.

Rush is a 32 player game mode in which two teams go head to head in racing against each other to destroy the objective and escape.

In Depth Description:
Both teams (we'll use the Separatists and the Republic as examples) start on opposing team's capital ships. I.e. the Rep. are trying to blow the Seps. vessel up and the Seps. are trying to blow the Rep. ship up. Each individual team is divided into two groups: the defenders and the attackers. That means there are 8v8 on each ship. The defenders are trying to protect their own ship long enough for their attackers to destroy and escape the enemy's ship. The
attackers are trying to destroy the enemy's capital ship bridge before the other team's attackers do. Both teams would start in the hangers and work their way to the bridge (maybe on the way try to destroy some other objectives?).

This is a simple concept that needs development so please feel free to put your ideas in the comments below! Also please upvote if you like the idea.

Here is my attempt to create a SIMPLE map of both teams to help you guys visualize the concept. The Separatists are the blue team and the Republic is the red. The triangles are players


  • this is amazing. I do think I could add on to this though. I feel that the defending team is going to be a bit board because the attacking team will be fighting the other attacking team so maybe the defending teams can set up defences such as turrets, shields and other things. It seems a little weird having two operational cruisers side by side. Maybe instead of cruisers you can have vehicles such as an MTT and an AT-TE transporting cargo that is valuable to both sides. An example of the objective could be to destroy a vehicle with ion disruptors after you destroy the vehicle you grab the objective and run it back to the other vehicle. In the beta there was a game mode where you got a piece of cargo and ran it back to a shuttle this was not jet pack cargo but just a normal infintry game mode. hope this works and becomes a gamemode

  • I like the idea of doing on the ground too. But please know that the attacking teams would not being attacking each other, there is one group of attackers against one group of defenders on each side. So Each side will be getting equal action.
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