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Is Palpatine too strong?

-2nd best mobility in the entire game (He's never impossible to hit as a saber hero)
-A HOH card, I've seen Palpatines' with a fourth of their health regen to full with it.
-Lock on lighting with decent range.
-That god awfully annoying hover+lightning strat which every Palpatine main uses.

I've only found a few counters to Palpatine that are consistently pretty useful which are the stringer pistol, heroes with long stuns like Lando, and turrets but beyond that there's not really much.
Palpatine either needs a nerf to some of his cards or a nerf to his mobility. In most HVV and GA matches he's unbearable.


  • Devlin21
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  • Zyder
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    Nope. I find him pretty good. Palpatine cannot block blasters, he can be defeated quickly in GA. I don't have problems with him in HvV. And I use Palpatine a lot and I think is very balanced: much damage and poor defence.

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  • No, he isn't. He was in BF 2015.

    He succumbs too quickly here to that one class with that one star card that excels at taking down heroes.
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    Iron enigma treateth, Ultima
    Shielding light retreateth, Ultima
    Hydaelyn defeated. Ah, Ultima

    The fact is that if you're running it's because you suck, and the game shouldn't pander to players who suck.


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  • Devlin21
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    KresusFIN wrote: »
    No, he isn't. He was in BF 2015.

    He succumbs too quickly here to that one class with that one star card that excels at taking down heroes.

    Heavy best class for taking out heroes
    Vanguard as well.

  • I must be unlucky because his lightning does next to no damage when I try to use him.
  • I **** slapped him to death using nothing more than the specialist today... Must have surprised him .lol
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  • Palpatine has already been overnerfed!

    He is slow like a snail his roll looks like **** in comparison to early times. Also even his draining power is so low. If you have a biffed heavy in a 1 to 1 he can almost steal half of your health with the TL50 if you exhausted you chain lightning.

    Also Palp floating around is so slow and makes him a floating duck to be easily shot at.

    Also after chain lightning you have a delay where you cant shot. This is total crap and unfun to play.

    Also CL doesnt kill anybody half of the time, even if it hits them, for whatever reason.
    I really whish they make him more snappy to play.

    The truth is: When you engage a Palp its is normally a strong player who would beat you even with an NT242 in CQC. That's why you think he is OP.
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