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palpatine still shooting through walls

i tried to find a thread about this post last release but couldn't although i've read many people have said this isn't fixed somewhere...

anyway it is not fixed in my opinion. i don't play palps that much but yesterday i did a few times and i was definitely killing people through walls on kamino/barracks.

not saying it wasnt an improvement on before, but it still happens.


  • I can confirm that he is still bugged. I was playing HvV in Death Star II and somehow he could damage me through a container when he couldn't even see me from the other side.
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  • Video or it never happened
  • Happened to me as well last night. Was in a hallway in Naboo when I got killed by palps lightning coming through the wall. I mean wtaf. You need to remove him again.
  • Chain lightning maybe? I know for sure Vader's Choke isn't fixed and now they introduced a new glitch. If you try to activate the ability after a dash the input will not register and you will have to press the button again, like if there was as cooldown.
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  • Alex64
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    That's true, Palpatine is broken again.
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  • Lies, he is fixed now but has trouble locking on to anyone at close range - please fix this asap, he is currently too weak
  • Was chain lightning yes. Also noticed this on the last stage of kashyyk. Going through the 3 storey crates etc
  • Videos please
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