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Potential Hero Queue System

One of the features the original Battlefront II is a pop-up saying if you would like to play as a hero during a match. It simply asks yes or no while giving the player about 30 seconds to make a decision. It was an intuitive method to reward a hero to a player with no punishment of sacrificing a life although the way it worked then had some downsides as well.

After the recent change to the hero cost, I've been noticing more complaints on how the heroes are cheap and are rewarding them to average to basic players. First off I have been noticing heroes way more often as a result but I can see this helping more casual players manage to become the hero in GA, which is fine for a casual game like Star Wars. The major problem now is that way more players are simply waiting on the menu screen until a hero dies and just snipes them away. Because playing as the iconic heroes are without a doubt the most fun part about GA, it has become a race on who gets the heroes first. Even myself my only goal is to get the battle points required to be the hero. I get enough points, I respawn on the menu screen and earn the hero. Unfortunately there are matches where I simply struggle to get the hero because there are too many players sniping them away. When I see a hero on my team die, I respawn as fast as I can but the hero is just instantly taken away thus causing me to waste a life. I know I'm not the only one guilty of this because players just respawn or intentionally die from enemies to get back to the menu to get the hero. This is the worst case when entering the final phase on a GA match as two more heroes are allowed to spawn in. Players just die and respawn at the last second, rapid click and get the hero. I've had moments when I'm about to choose a hero on the last phase, but because I wasn't quick enough, I didn't get the hero resulting in so much frustration. Even when I'm just selecting a skin for hero he just gets taken away at the last second, which makes me not want to even change star cards around mid-match because I'm too worried on losing the hero to someone else.

With all that said, the hero selection right now is incredibly poor. Thankfully it's a step above hero pickups from the last game, but it still needs improvement. I understand how the core mechanics is to spawn in as something totally different in one life, but the heroes should be the one exception as players don't fight for vehicles and special units compared to heroes. My idea of a new hero queue system is to reward them to skilled players while at the same time giving them to players who have earned enough battle points who may have struggled to do so. First off, a player should have the required amount of battle points AND be on top with the most objective score. When both prerequisites are met, a pop-up can appear saying like "do you want to play as a hero: yes or no" and to give the player 30 seconds the make a decision. When saying yes, a player is given about 30 seconds to one minute to choose a hero's load out and skin without any concern of losing a hero to another sniper player. If a player doesn't choose a hero in time, it will be selected randomly depending on who is free and if they have enough battle points to choose a hero from a non-respective era. When a hero dies, a player who already has the battle points with a high objective score will be next to play a hero if he wants to. This can also be a high incentive to play the objective in GA.

The only possible downside to this is getting a higher objective score, but if you have enough battle points, you should have a high enough objective score for the most part. Certain limitations must be implemented so players don't abuse this system. If a player has like 10,000 battle points saved up and attempts to queue again as a hero, they will NOT be allowed to do so. You can only play as a hero once until everyone else has gotten their turn. Once the players have died as a hero and nobody else has met the requirements, then the cycle starts over again and the top player is allowed to pick a hero again as long as he has the battle points saved up. And if a player attempts to respawn, a hero will not be free AT ALL. They must get the pop-up to prevent them from camping on the menu and not contribute to the team.

My conclusion is to reduce sniping for heroes on the menu as it just frustrates players trying to play as heroes and it's more fair on who gets to play as them without having to respawn all the time. It can also open up players to use special units and vehicles more so they're not just thinking about heroes all the time even though they're the most fun to play. A hero is only good when in the right hands. It's just frustrating to see them wasted on players who simply don't push or play the objective.
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