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Since the rollout of the update and the ping site issues being addressed; the rubberbanding has become chronic. I am using the German ping site as I cannot get a game using the UK or Ireland ping sites. I have been playing since January 2018, and had always found the German ping site much better, not just for finding games - but for overall response.

Now I cannot tell where anyone really is anymore. I am striking at players that are no longer there - they have moved on during the time I have evaporated and reset a few steps previous. I can at times see other players frozen. then they disappear and reappear some distance away. I am spending most of my time waiting for doors to open and then find I am actually standing infront of a wall I passed a few steps ago. Worse I end up walking off into the abyss as a floor that should be there - isn't. The rubberbanding makes playing Kamino and Kashyykk fairly hazzardous. I just can't concentrate on just playing the game anymore. The "hiccupping" and constant "banding" is gets to the point of making me feel almost sick at times. Constant jumping or loss of frames. It's disorientating.

Anyone else suddenly experiencing a high or chronic level of banding?
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