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Community Transmission
December CC

Abilities not working again.

Luke and yoda seem to never get hit by palpatines lightning. It’s crazy

As well as darth mauls lightsaber does not work.

I’ve also noticed with darth Vader that when furious resilience is actived this no longer decreases damage from all players, as soon as the extra health is gone so is the perk of 25% damage reduction.

Yoda seems to be untouchable.

And the biggest thing for me now is players can not catch luke. It always feels like he’s just infront of you, you go to attack or spin and he’s just out of touch. Blows my mind.

Also there’s so many problems with delays on the ground.

A lot of heroes and villains seem to be stuck in some sort of slow motion phase when attacked.

The blocking no longer seems to work. When stamina is very low still block does not work.

It seems as well that shooters can easily dodge more than Jedi, it’s crazy.

Chewbacca also has a glitch with his slam and it seems to at times do a double slam.

As well on the slam he’s sometimes in the air for a very very long time.

For me as a whole EA need to point out if attacks counter other attacks. I don’t know if this is just issues made on the new changes, but chewbacca could do the slam before the update fine, now it’s like it’s impossible to pull off, always one thing sorted to create another issue


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