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November Community Calendar

Clone Flametroopers Should Replace Wookiees

I think this should receive some thought by the dev team with Geonosis on the way. It’s appeared kinda lazy that all 3 LS enforcers are one and the same: Wookiee Warrior. I know I’m not alone in hating seeing them on every CW map bar Kashyyyk. These guys are the best answer for a CW replacement, the assets for flamethrowers are already in-game, it leaves ARC troopers/Commandos/etc for any eventual reinforcements that may or may not arrive later, and it also gives the opportunity for one skin/map default appearance.
Weapon: BT X-42 Flamethrower
Same ability set as the FO Flametrooper, no variation needed.
I think they’d be great counters to some of the more, “undying,” villains on the corridor heavy CW maps without being so immense as those immersion killing walking carpets.
The model would also allow for the use of a separate skin whether to be a map default or skin purchasable.
The Cold Assault Trooper
It seems the best way to encourage the development team to implement things is if the assets can be stretched for as many things as possible, so it would open the door for a CW snow map like Ilum, Orto Plutonia, Rhen Var, etc
Another way to go about it would be to use the Galactic Marine armor with a reskin as a Flametrooper, it’s not much of a stretch especially since the TCW Flametrooper is a phase 1 armor set. The logical progression would be they’d upgrade to the GM armor.
This route would allow for a new reinforcement in the Flametrooper, and skins of the Galactic Marine(21st Nova Corp)/Cold Assault trooper phase 2 from the model.
I know this has been discussed some already, just thought I’d go in-depth myself. What’s your opinion of a Clone Flametrooper replacing the Wookiee Warrior on all CW maps but Kashyyyk?
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