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Hero and Villain Entry Callouts

Less of a "fix" and more of a "change" request...

When Heroes and Villains enter the Battlefront, I'd like to see the Voiceover change to call out the specific name of the hero, or at least be more specific than "well look who showed up, got a friend on site."

Would Be great if instead the VO would say "well look who showed up... Jedi Master Yoda. Those droids are in for it now." Or something like that. "General Skywalker has arrived boys! Fall in behind him!" ... "The Millennium Falcon was spotted in the area. Watch out for Captain Solo and the Wookie."

Or a less specific variation: "Got a friend on site, can't tell who, but I see a Lightsaber! Let's go boys!"

The current callouts are too generic. That said, I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND the generic callout when a NON-ERA SPECIFIC hero/villain shows up. That should STILL HAPPEN.

Battlefront 2015 was good for this. VO callouts were terrific. "


  • Yeah I agree, it’s kind of ridiculous that they don’t know who it is when it’s freaking Luke Skywalker (or any legend) and not to mention it’s super boring
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