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20,000 credit Question

If you regularly get a score 20,000 or more in GA, what is you trooper class and set up of choice? This is for posterity sake, so be honest.


  • Knight_of_Onions
    469 posts Member
    edited September 2018
    GrayOne wrote: »
    This is for posterity sake, so be honest.

    Do you think future generations will care what set up gets 20,000 points?

    nevermind just saw the gif, great movie lol!
    Versatti wrote: »
    Dennis, EA or Disney still do not understand their customer base or how to win them over.
  • It depends so let me give you a percentage

    Specialist- 5 Percent(very rare probably on Naboo or Kashyyyk I got that many points)

    Heavy- 40 percent( common)

    Officer- 35 pecent(mostly common but I play heavy a lot more)

    Assault- 20 percent( rare only because I barely use this class and when I do I easily gain points at the beginning of a game.)
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