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Hero cost increase in some situations

So there seems to be a variety of opinions on the new reduction of hero BP costs. Some love it, some hate it. Those who love it wanted to stay, those who hate it wanted to go back to the way it was or possibly even more. not a lot of common ground there.

But it occurs to me that there's a potential third option that could improve things for both groups, ie pretty much everyone.

My idea has four main parts:

Increase the cost of getting a hero after you died as that hero. Once you've played a hero and gotten squashed, it should be harder for you to come back as that same hero. If you've played as that hero twice already and died, the cost would increase even more.

Add a delay to how soon a hero can come back after dying. The delay counts for anyone. So if Palpatine finally gets killed, you don't just have the next person in line popping right back in as Palpatine seconds later. Maybe 60 seconds?

Increase the out-of-Era hero cost until it's meaningful again. It was barely a meaningful penalty in the first place, when wrong-Era heroes cost 8000. Should have been 10k. Now they only cost 6500? Make it meaningful again, take it back up to 8000.

Increase the cost of heroes past two at a time. A compromise between the current deeply unbalanced state and the idea of setting the limit at 2 per side, this would see the base hero cost go up after your team has two heroes on the field. (Same could apply for Enforcers.)

Here's the recently-reduced pricing:
  • Getting a hero the first time: 4500
  • Getting a hero after dying with them: 4500
  • Getting a 3rd hero: 4500
  • Getting a 4th hero: 4500
  • Getting a hero from the wrong era: 6500

Here's how I think a better pricing system could look:
  • Baseline hero cost: 4500
  • Getting a 3rd hero: 6000
  • Getting a 4th hero: 8000
  • Getting a hero from the wrong era: 8000
  • Getting a hero after dying with them once: x1.33
  • Getting a hero after dying with them more than once: x2

Similarly, for Enforcers:
  • Baseline Enforcer cost: 2000
  • Getting a 3rd Enforcer: 4000
  • Getting a 4th Enforcer: 5000
  • Getting a 5th Enforcer: 6000 [/list


  • I like the penalty for non era hero's, beautiful idea. 8k-10k. You're idea is well
    t out. Dumb it down to these suggestions, for ease of implementation. The increase in BP for using the same hero after death is good too, simple, 1.5x amount should suffice. Leave the price of era hero's relativey affordable for a majority. And just don't allow hero's till the 3rd wave. Allow enforcers after 2nd wave starts. Leave vehicles alone allowed at all times.
  • Brillant idea, as always. We need this implemented in Blast for the enforcers also
  • I like the new cost. It seems that there are less Officers on the battlefield. Average players can finally play heroes and vehicles without grinding BP constantly
  • Theoretically.
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