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Overtime change suggestion?

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Suggeting a change to overtime when there are 2 capture points. I can't count how many times I've been playing Overtime to capture an objective only to gain it but have my game end because there is no one at the other objective.

How about giving +15 troops for capture of the objective.... Would give some time to hussle over to the other one.

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  • Wiatowski
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    Once again very even match... Jakku 3 phase 30 min overtime. 4th phase overtime until the one bomb goes off players around other one but not set... Game ends... So how about an objective "zone" for the bomb ones to keep a good game going.
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  • I’m in the unhelpful position of yes and no :smiley:

    When I play strike and I see this might happen, I book it over to the other objective point and try to capture it. Been successful a few times as everyone is panic-focusing on the ‘main’ one being contested.

  • this is really on the attacking team, they need to be smart enough to attack both points at once. anything else is unfairly penalizing the defenders who have already eliminated all the attacker reserves.
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