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Ion torpedoes locking onto Artillery Vehicles while invulnerable and stationary

I'm getting annoyed with how the ion torpedoes decide to home in on an artillery vehicle still invulnerable or stationary. For example on Phase 2 on Hoth I'm trying to do damage to an AT-ST causing trouble, but instead it decides to head towards an AT-AT that is stationary, which is no threat at all, when I'm clearly looking directly at the AT-ST I'm trying to damage.

The lock-on needs to be fixed to avoid firing at wrong targets; mainly against unintentionally hitting artillery vehicles.


  • OcDoc
    1067 posts Member
    If you are talking about the ones you pickup in the cases, it is supposed to be that way and should be that way.

    Those ion torpedos are for objective play only.
  • No I'm pretty sure that @SonicJulesJGB is talking about the ion torpedo that the heavy gets to use as a star card ability that was just recently nerfed.

    Yeah I notice that it has a lot of trouble locking onto the target that you want sometimes it to even though you are aiming right at the target. I think that the problem is that the lock on mechanics for the weapon pick up the first thing that the aimer is pointed at, or near, and once it locks on to that it becomes hard to quickly lock onto another object nearby until you shoot.
  • I have this issue all the time. It happens on every map when there is an objective based artillery. For example on Kashyyk, even after the first phase is completed, firing an ion torpedo (as a heavy) at the separist tank will never target the tank. It always targets the MTT, and this happens even in third phase, when defending the inside of the cruiser. If the artillery is in view, it is always targeted first. The same is true for the ion turret. It happens even when the artillery is not what I aim at first, or even remotely close to what I'm aiming at. If I can see it with normal point of view, it's always targeted.

    I suspect there is a priority ranking system at work behind the scenes that doesn't take into account whether artillery is vulnerable, or even playable in that phase. It's so frustrating I don't bother with the ion torpedo much anymore...
  • Dingbattin_1000
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    edited October 2018
    I bug reported this about at least 10 months ago...I'm convinced that bugs like this are ignored and will never get fixed. Try using one close to the DOCKED AT-AT on Endor. The ion torpedo will always change direction and go for it instead of turrets.
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