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Errors, issues and communication

Slightly concerned, I am aware of this site and participate in the discussions, but two of my real life friends, who play do not. I find that I have to keep them informed of issues.

The UK ping issue started on the 31.08.18 and is not fixed yet. Average players who do not go on the threads, what must they be thinking?

Gran Tourismo has a system update on the main screen. I think if there are issues like the server issue, ping sites, broken Palpatine, Heavy explosive shot etc. These issues should’ve communicated on the main screen and keep the whole community informed.

Otherwise the average gamer will be completely ignorant to the issues and people will leave the game indefinitely.

What do you think?


  • Yep, a lot of people will assume no one is playing the game anymore, I honestly think they're just not that fussed and want the game to die tbh, I can't get in any matches since last patch
  • Good devs always post important issues in the game.
    Bad devs do things like a) blame the player's network, b) hide in Reddit and Twitter, c) only occasionally post something on the web forum for their game.

    The sad thing is the patch notes given mentioned alot of bug fixes, but only one or two of those mentioned were actually fixed. Sad ...
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