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jango fett skin for boba fett!

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edited September 2018
I would love to see jango fett as a skin for boba fett or simply a copy of him on the light side with possibly slightly different looking attacks.

You only need to change the colors and make slight editions to him.
The voice actor is the same so hel yes!

Little development, adds a LOT
And fits in perfectly with the clone wars content thats comming up!

What else do you honestly want?!

Thanks and please leave suggestions downstairs in the comments.

(Ps read my other post about how the clone legion skins make the game look weird and how to fix it)
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  • Llunots wrote: »
    Make an entire new Villain, Jango deserves it. No need of a skin.

    Agree....just make sure to give us another hero with dual wielding blaster pistols that can lock onto Jango and shoot him out of the sky, similar to what Finn does, so that the dark side isn't too OP with two jet pack players in game modes like HvV.

    Suggestions would be like a dual wielding Captain Rex! Or mace Windu with some special ability that is geared toward also taking jet pack players out of the sky.
  • Mace Windu and Jango Fett
    Ahsoka Tano and Asajj Ventres
    Cad Bane and Captain Rex

    For me are the ones left for the Clone Wars.
  • This seems like a good and easy idea. Let Jango be a skin of Boba Fett and give an option to choose Jango's pistol/pistols instead of Boba's Rifle.
  • Make Jango his own villain. So many noobs afraid of another Jetpack user, too bad so sad.
    This is how you teach scrubs:
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