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Request: Lock out rolling when using all abilities

In a patch released several months ago, DICE tweaked the Assault class's toughen up ability such that rolling would not be possible while the ability is being activated.

I was wondering if it would be possible to extend this change to all abilities for troopers and reinforcements (not sure about heroes) as well, especially grenade abilities, as it's frustrating to have them cancelled by a roll during high intensity moments.


  • It's annoying that Toughen Up can't be activated while rolling.

    I would prefer that, rather than locking out rolling (which will probably include a delay after the ability has been used, and that would definitely be bad), the game would just throw the grenade and then roll as soon as the throw is completed. I try to get the timing right for rolling after throwing the grenade, but in chaotic moments it's easy to mess that up, and I often hear my trooper shout "Grenade!" without actually throwing anything.
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