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Kylo Ren's Freeze Needs A Nerf

310 posts Member
edited September 2018
Holding you for 5 seconds is completely broken. You can't do anything except wait it out if he doesn't kill you. It shouldn't last more than 2 seconds. If a Kylo player can't off you in that time, he just not that good of a Kylo player.


  • I'd say that 2 seconds is a bit short. I'd put it at 3 or 4. 5 is definitely too many. It can shut down entire/chunks of teams in HvV and can be combo'd with blaster heroes for free kills. The ability can do a bit too much at least in HvV.
  • Not only that, but you're completely helpless against enemies with blasters as you're unable to move while being frozen and they end up shooting you. You can move again after being hit by a lightsaber, but not blaster fire.
  • Zinjo2017
    557 posts Member
    edited September 2018
    Yeah, the freeze has become an exploit. So long as Kylo doesn't touch you, it remains in effect as his teammates spam you with blaster fire. A fix is definitely necessary here. Even Vader's choke is not as bad as the freeze.
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